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Updated: Jul 6, 2018

We're glad you've hopped on board this journey! It should prove to be an interesting one ;)

The Lost Colony is a story that has evolved into one of mythological status, with many different pieces of canon created over the past few decades. Lately, it's even taken a horror/sci-fi twist in different TV shows and movies. If you asked a kid these days what they knew about Roanoke Island, they'd probably think you were referring to FX's hit show, American Horror Story.

But this isn't a ghost story and it isn't a myth. It happened.

Over 400 years ago on the coast of North Carolina, we left what would have been England's first colony stranded on Roanoke Island running low on supplies and have never heard from them, or found their remains or whereabouts, since.

Can you find Croatoan?

What You Will Find Here

The Primary Source blog is exclusive for those that have signed up to our website: that's you! We will share behind-the-scenes stories and findings, new twists and developments in the story, historical tidbits that you may not know, and all the latest news about our adventure in Finding Croatoan.

Scott Dawson holds a piece of Croatoan pottery from a village site found in North Carolina. Notice the hash marks along the edge, which would have been all the way around the rim of the bowl as decoration.



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